Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Reading.... so far!

We have been reading aloud at bedtime regularly again.  That seemed to go by the wayside for a few months there in the midst of all our craziness.

I thought it might be fun to share the list of what we have read.
 Bonus- it will help me keep track....

So far this summer we've read:
Pippi Longstockings by, Astrid Lindgred
The Mouse and the Motorcycle by, Beverly Cleary

We are half way through:
Kisses From Katie by, Katie Davis
Strawberry Girl by, Lois Lenski

Also we are reading an amazing story Bible. The Child's Story Bible by, Catherine F. Voss.
I joke that it is the Original Jesus Storybook Bible, or Kids Gospel Bible... back before it was 'hip'. It is old, published in 1935. And the cover would  normally make me reject it at first Glance.... it's got one of those goofy old fashion pictures of Jesus and Children on it.... But inside it is a gem. The age range in my house makes story Bibles tricky sometimes- older kids have heard it all before but the young ones can't really sit for actual 'straight Bible' well yet. This is an amazing compromise. Written well enough for me to enjoy and truly learn from yet simple enough language that my 3 year old looks forward to it! And all the stories point to the ONE BIG story the whole Bible is telling. The story of redemption, rescue, of JESUS. Anyway, I LOVE this Story Bible!  

Anyway, that is Summer Family Reading at the Okerlund's!

What are you reading?

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