Sunday, July 28, 2013

naming our blog

We all wrestled with what to name our blog for a few weeks.  Had we named it earlier it may have been up and running weeks ago.  Jed thought of the most names, and the majority of these are his ideas.
Though we didn't choose these ideas I want you to see them.
I think they convey our hearts:
 agape in action
meant to be
impossible without God
done through Christ
love for all orphans
set free
need to be
10,000 reasons
giving hope
frowns turned to smiles
clothed in love
not to us
and mommy's idea: scared stiff

 The name we chose was inspired in part by this song: (we love rap;)

It was inspired by the truth that Jesus has already saved the day.

When we are tempted to fret about Gods timing in our adoption.
Or His provision for this undertaking.
Or about the plight of the orphans and vulnerable in our world.....
  When our minds are racing with the facts about child trafficking,
       and starving children
              or people dying every day without hearing the gospel.....
                        though we don't understand it. We trust.
                             His ways are above our ways and he said, 'It is finished.'
Everything we do or attempt to do for Him in this life adds nothing to the table.
He doesn't NEED us.
Rather it is a privilege.
A chance for us to participate in HIS already finished work.  
To Bring Glory to His Name.
Can you imagine, Our Great God delights in allowing us to bring Him glory?
And all the while it brings us great joy!