Saturday, September 21, 2013

Yard Sale Time

We are ready to do our next fundraiser!  On Oct 11th and 12th we will have a yard sale.
            If you have anything you would like to donate to the sale, we would LOVE to sell it!
 We can come pick it up, or you can drop it off at our house......
              Just leave a comment here on the blog, or email us at and give us your contact info and we will connect with you!
             We would love anything you think is sell-able at all! We are super excited for this special event.... As we get closer we will give you more details and ways to be involved......
            Hint: our kids want to have a bake sale and lemon- aid stand as part of the event.
They really want to help bring home their newest siblings!
             We will be calling all bakers to contribute baked goods!

We are very excited, and already the donations are starting to come in,
         Just today we picked up some beautiful furniture and such.....
             So beautiful in fact, as we picked it up, our sweet friend who donated it said, 'oh if you like it that much you can keep it....'
So I had to say outloud: "I love these kids WAY more than any beautiful rustic wood furniture,
(Oh covetous- self how crafty you can be!)  I am so grateful I have a Godly and practical husband who quickly reminded me WHY we were picking the stuff up....
  I cant wait to sell all these generous donations and bring our kids that much closer to being home with us!

Monday, September 16, 2013

The 30 reasons party, my #30 b-day, AKA our first adoption fundraiser!

getting ready for the party

more party prep
sweet friends
mustache buds
Jed and some special friends
See the beautiful rainbow? It was there reminding me that God is ALWAYS faithful.
This post is LONG overdue, of course life has been busy for us, but this was such a special night that I am sad it has taken me such a long time to tell you all about it!

Let me just say that we were blessed beyond our wildest expectations! 
We had over 50 friends show up to bless me on my 30th with their love and encouragement of our family and what God is calling us to.
It was beautiful outside and everyone brought dishes to share, cards with such kind messages and (Thankyou) a hundred times over, money gifts, to go towards our adoption costs! 

 We all enjoyed a night of fellowship, fun, food, picnic, play and finally later in the evening:
and even more fun, kids playing in rain, 
and kind friends who didn't even leave once it BEGAN TO POUR!  
So as our friends showered us with blessings, God showered us with rain! 

The evening will forever be a truly special memory for us as we felt so loved and supported, and very close too (as we all crowded in the covered part of the park;)  all who were able to come, and on through the weekend by many who didn't come but gave us gifts and cards.
We are humbled and grateful.  
Thank you. From the bottom of our hearts. 
We are so honored and blessed .
Our family loves this worship cd for kids by
Anyway, there is a song on it, called Generous Heart, and I feel like the words express so
 clearly what all of you demonstrated to us that I wanted to share it here
.... all I can find is this youtube video, so enjoy the teens doing hand motions with your kids;) 

Anyway, the final exciting part of the story of the birthday fundraiser, we now have enough money in the adoption account to pay for the home study portion of our adoption, between saving up ourselves and all your generous giving we have a little over $1800! Praise the Lord, for HIS faithful provision.
Here's the banner we made and friends wrote encouraging words, verses and prayers on. Its hanging in our living room now, to daily remind us of who is ABLE! (Our God)